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I am, by nature, a lazy diarist, a negligent blog owner, and an all around terrible person. I began this blog in January 2011 hoping to strike out at least one of these qualities, and, for the first year anyway, I think I succeeded. Over time, my posting on this blog has become more intermittent, but I still try to post a couple  of times a month. I can almost maintain that I am not a negligent blog owner. (I am still a terrible person, though.)

I tend to post about books, TV shows, and movies, and I’m not above making the argument that “Pretty Little Liars” is better than “The Good Wife.” …In short, I should be no one’s example of an arbiter of taste. My interests are all over the place and mostly embarrassing.

Thus, this blog will not be edifying, enlightening, or even entertaining…but it will make me feel better about myself. So, look around, if you feel like it, but I apologize up front for the surprising lack of “Golden Girls”-related content. (Yes, in all these years I still haven’t delivered.) I will try to squeeze in a “Back in St. Olaf” story somewhere!

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  1. Donald Miller

     /  May 26, 2012

    Made me smile.


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