Pumpkin Up the Volume: Another Halloween Playlist

Image courtesy biscuitbear via Flickr.

Last year, I posted a Halloween playlist titled Bring Your Own Boos. It was a huge hit at the Halloween party I never had…. But, at least I enjoyed it. (It got me through several boring class assignments and maybe a few boring conversations.) This year, I almost didn’t make a new playlist because, as it turns out, I had already used up all my favorite spooky songs. But then I realized, personal challenge! I would find some new favorite Halloween songs. And an even better (read: more cringeworthy) pun! (Yes, this is really what my personal challenges look like.)

Thus, Pumpkin Up the Volume was born. If you listen to only one awkwardly-titled Halloween playlist made by a stranger who makes you feel vaguely uncomfortable, let it be this one. It’s got wolf songs, devil songs, and even a song about a monster hospital. I cover all the bases.

Song list: 

Howlin’ For You—The Black Keys | The Crook of My Good Arm—Pale Young Gentlemen | Devil in Me—22-20s | Dead Man’s Party—Oingo Boingo | Evil—Interpol | Wolf Like Me—TV on the Radio | (You’re the) Devil in Disguise—Elvis Presley | See No Evil—Television | Spider Cider—Man Man | She Wolf—Shakira | Pumpkin—Starlight Mints | Haunted House of Rock—Whodini | Spooky—Dusty Springfield | Monster Hospital—Metric | There Goes the Fear—Doves | Pet Sematary—The Ramones | Hungry Like the Wolf—Duran Duran | Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare—Matt & Kim | Turkish Song of the Damned—The Pogues | My Body’s a Zombie for You—Dead Man’s Bones

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