Mini-Review: Gravity Falls

“Gravity Falls” may be a cartoon airing on the Disney Channel, but that doesn’t mean it’s not weird and wacky and wonderfully original. Much like “Phineas and Ferb,” it’s appealing to all ages, packed with clever gags and winning characters that can be more sophisticated than those on typical “kid” shows but are still quite accessible. The plot focuses on the adventures of Mabel and Dipper Pines, two tweens who are spending their summer in the mysterious Gravity Falls, Oregon. They live with their great uncle, or Grunkle, Stan, who runs a tourist trap of oddities called The Mystery Shack. Though their uncle’s business is clearly a scam, Mabel and Dipper soon discover that things in Gravity Falls really aren’t as they seem. Supernatural creatures appear to live in the forest, and seemingly normal inhabitants possess very unusual talents. The siblings quickly learn to trust in and rely on one another, and their bond deepens as they try to survive their bizarre new home. Though mostly a comedy, “Gravity Falls” does a good job of establishing an overarching mystery. Additionally, it is surprisingly heartwarming in its portrayal of Mabel and Dipper’s relationship. I appreciate some good whimsical escapism, and “Gravity Falls” certainly delivers. Any show that says it’s okay to bedazzle your face is fine by me.

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