Kathleen Recommends…Great Moments in Television

“Pretty Little Liars”

When you watch a lot of television shows made for preteens with personality disorders, you stumble upon some great moments that, frankly, you wouldn’t find anywhere else. On ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” a texting-happy blackmailer will stop at nothing to torment the four main characters…not even the bounds of good taste. In one deliciously demented scene, the mysterious “A,” having just stolen from Hanna the money that Hanna’s mother unlawfully “borrowed” from an elderly client, offers to let the pretty little liar earn the cash back in an unorthodox way. “A” sends Hanna, only recently free from her hellish days as a chubby girl called “Hefty Hanna,” to a local bakery to pick up a box of smiling piggy cupcakes. If Hanna eats them all, she will get her money back. Desperate to recover the lost money, Hanna complies, giving viewers many gratuitous shots of a pretty blonde girl crying into her cupcake. It’s weird, voyeuristic, and yet terribly inspired. Each bite is a triumph of trash TV.

While its artistic merit may be in question, one thing’s for sure: you don’t see that on “The Good Wife.”

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