So, I finished the scarf I’ve been working on since about January. I’m not really sure if it’s for an actual-size person—although, in fact, I intended it for an above-actual-size person—but various yarn (and weather) considerations compelled me to finish it now. (I just wasn’t sure my boyfriend would appreciate this gift in July!) All in all, I’m quite pleased with it. I think the color, dusty blue, complements the pattern nicely, and really the only mistakes I made were those connected to my yarn woes. At first, I was a little nervous that the scarf wasn’t “manly” enough, even though I was working off a pattern called “The Dudester.” But once I convinced myself that the dusty blue was, indeed, dusty enough, and not magically morphing into baby blue, I began to relax. Of course, I still have the nagging feeling that men don’t really wear scarves, no matter what TV has taught me, but oh well.

It’s always nice to have a finished product, even if it never comes out quite the way you had hoped. In this case, I was forced to switch over to a slightly slimmer yarn because I couldn’t find another one with the same thickness as the original. ANYWHERE. It’s not really that noticeable as is, but I was afraid that if I added much more length to the scarf, the slight tapering would be obvious. Thus, I have a scarf that may emphasize my boyfriend’s borderline giant-like characteristics. But, no, I think it should be fine. As long as he slouches….

I’m toying with the idea of starting on another, but this time with ample matching yarn, and perhaps a color of my boyfriend’s own choosing. Of course I know that there’s no way this scarf would be finished anytime before the snow melts. Decisions, decisions. What I like about the scarf is that it’s gotten a lot of positive feedback from everyone who has seen me working on it. So, really, no matter how many versions of this scarf I make, I know there will always be someone who will want to wear it. But probably not in August. Which is why I think I’ll have to give my boyfriend this version, and call it a day.

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